HHA is a Law firm offering innovative strategic specialized Professional Services

We have chosen to grow in a sustainably way with a special emphasis on the quality and customization of our service.
High-quality professional services, directed towards individuals and companies that require multidisciplinary and comprehensive assistance within the umbrella of an organization.
Our positioning has allowed us to have the ability to propose efficient, multisectoral and multidisciplinary legal strategies, in accordance with the guidelines and business policies of our clients.
As a consulting firm we have always maintained the highest ethical and moral values since our inception. Our team fully trusts loyalty and transparency as indelible foundations in the performance of each professional relationship with our clients.

Evolution and history that defines us

HHA was created in response to the diversified needs of our clients, who for more than 30 years have bestowed their trust upon our services. We specialize in providing consulting and legal advice, evolving and increasing the offer of our professional services, in order to become an ally for our clients. We pride upon supporting the maintenance and growth of businesses, paying special attention to corporate governance, social responsibility and the environment, in an increasingly competitive and globalized context.