What We Do

At HHA we offer business, legal, corporate and fiduciary consulting services. We also have affiliates at HHA-Academy and the HHA-Foundation.
We hold a longstanding history of excellence throughout more than 30 years of consulting. Our foundation dates back to 1990, with the idea and vision of creating a law firm with high quality standards, personalized treatment and efficiency in each service provided.
In 2004, Dr. Lincoln Hernández Peguero became the director of the firm, managing a multidisciplinary team and boasting a high volume of cases, which covered various spectrums of the law and were set in different geographical points of the country. Dr. Lincoln was joined by a highly skilled team, collaborating on the use of technology as an essential ally for establishing a well-organized, safe and efficient management of services, accompanied by the personalized treatment that characterizes the firm.

"For more than 30 years, the firm has managed to expand and offer legal services that are legally efficient"

Each process or project is unique therefore, we take the time to provide each of our clients with legal representation, tailored to their specific needs. Our extensive legal knowledge has allowed us to take part in handling important litigations, becoming a valuable ally for our clients, in search for strategic and preventive solutions and further strengthening the quality of all our services. Within the legal field, we specialize in providing advice and representing companies or individuals in a wide variety of areas, including: